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Two Weeks and The New Crash Course

The User's Profile Stewart August 16, 2022
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In a recent video, Chris mentioned he may take some time away from the regular production schedule here at Peak Prosperity. Well, that day has come.

The Peak Team will take over the content production schedule. We’re planning some previously unreleased videos and great material from our contributors.

For his part, Chris is not relaxing on a tropical beach (though who would blame him). No, Chris is focused on updating and improving The Crash Course. With his nose to the grindstone, Chris will be revising one of his most important works to update it for these times.

And, because Chris is who he is, you can expect some Inside Take videos to bubble through, because while others take August as a vacation month, the world keeps moving forward, and so does Chris.

So, while we hope you appreciate the new content coming your way, we really appreciate your patience. Chris will return in full force before you know it.

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Morgan Stewart is the managing editor and director of marketing for Peak Prosperity. He has 30 years experience in marketing and public relations for Fortune 200 corporations, small business and state government, as well as time spent as a journalist. Much of his career was focused on Crisis Management. About the time he started following Peak Prosperity in 2015, he launched Paratus Business News, the only trade publication to cover the business of preparedness, self-reliance, homesteading and survival.