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Trump and the IRS…Political targeting?

Peak Insiders
By Peak Team
August 9, 2022

Trump and the IRS…Political targeting?

Peak Insiders
By Peak Team on
August 9, 2022

So, Trump is hinting publicly at an announcement regarding another run for President of the United States. President. Biden is being publicly side-lined for a 2024 re-election run by members of his own party. And suddenly, the Dept. of Justice decides to invade Trumps hotels and residences now? Interesting timing. Politically weaponized government agencies? Oh, and let’s not forget the Congressional legislation creating 87,000 new IRS agents. (Remember when the Obama IRS went after Republican and conservative non-profits and organizations?) Not scary at all.

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I have to ask, why is it that the FBI and the DOJ have such consistent and persistent trouble investigating and prosecuting high-level pedophiles?
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