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user profile picture Chris Martenson Oct 12, 2021
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This video is a continuation. If you haven’t watched Part 1, find it here.

“They” either have some sort of a plan or agenda they are sticking to or “they” haven’t got one.  Neither is an attractive option because both are destined to end in economic failure.  And that’s if we’re lucky.  If we’re unlucky, then it’s that plus ecological failure with a side-order of social collapse.

Hyperbolic?  Maybe last year someone could have leveled that critique and felt on solid ground, but not any more.  This is 2021, baby!  What we thought we knew is out the window.  Now we have to entertain a much wider set of possible explanations for what’s transpiring.  

To this author it is now clear that someone has an agenda and that include the wholesale, breakneck dismantling of both western culture and economic power.  The chances of that going ‘according to plan’ are slim to none.  The economy is a complex system and it cannot be controlled.  Those in power are certified control freaks.  They seem to have no cognitive ability to appreciate complexity or the fact that complex systems do not have predictable behaviors, only emergent behaviors and outcomes.

In this episode we cover the idea of Cognitive Warfare, transhumanism and the idea that those currently in power have inappropriately filled their spiritual voids with a misplaced faith in humans, government power, their own power, and technology.  

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Could be a new part of the narrative. Tonight they told people to stop taking asprin every day. Why now? Trying to thicken up the...
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