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They’ve Overplayed Their Hand

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By Chris Martenson
September 21, 2021

They’ve Overplayed Their Hand

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By Chris Martenson on
September 21, 2021

Video Description This video is a continuation. If you haven’t watched Part 1, find it here. It’s always darkest before the dawn.  Recent glimmers of light suggest that people are finally awakening from the great delusion.  Our authorities have overplayed their hand and pushed too far. It’s doubtful they will learn from this, but will instead push harder and further, until something breaks. The data is now conclusive – they funded risky research into both SAR-CoV-2 like viruses and the mRNA vaccines at the same time.  They knew about the outbreak very early on but did nothing to stop it

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This too is incredibly powerful.  It's of a Physician's Assistant and her struggles to get her hospital to allow her to enter vaccine injuries into the VAERS database. Super well-done ...
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