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There’s No Way Out But Forward

Is there a way to explain all the insanity we’re experiencing today? I believe there is…

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 21, 2024
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It’s been some pretty heavy slogging of late, and I’m sorry for what must seem like some unending fixation on the negative on my part.

I do worry with some regularity that perhaps my feed on Twitter, where I get the bulk of my news now has been targeted by the evil nudge bots of The Blob as part of some social engineering project.

But then I confirm and reconfirm the news through othe sources and the feeling passes quickly.  Yes, the world is spinning 0ut of control.  We seem to be headed toward war and nobody can articulate why or what for.

As my friend James Howard Kunstler put it in his piece this week:

“Joe Biden” declared that Donald Trump was bent on “retribution. . . he’s gonna get back at the people.” Roger that. But I think he meant that Mr. Trump might open some inquiries into how come the Democratic Party and its Intel blob ran one debilitating lawless hoax after another on our country for the past eight years while bankrupting it and destroying the medical system, the legal system, the currency, higher education, and the US military, not to mention jailing thousands on fake criminal charges and letting ten million alien mutts into the country, many of them jihadis with dubious intentions.

What he’s so brilliantly described is a mental condition.  It’s not rational or explicable, but rather an unhinged relationship with reality.

But what caused that unhinging?  And why now?  And is there any way back from it before devastation results?

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