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The Six Stages of Awareness

user profile picture Chris Martenson Oct 08, 2008
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Wednesday, October 8. 2008

The text below is from a past Crash Course seminar.  It is a very loose adaptation of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ "Five Stages of Grief."

Often a broad new awareness results in a series of emotional responses that mimic the grief associated with loss.  I call these the Six Stages of Awareness.

Each of us here is somewhere along this progression.  Most of us will inevitably pass through all six stages, each at a different speed, not always in order, and some will skip stages.

While we read or hear each others’ comments at this site and elsewhere, my hope is that we can find acceptance and understanding of the fact that each person is naturally at a different stage of acceptance and awareness. 

Each person needs to process the stage they are currently in (within normal bounds of civility and appropriateness, of course) and deserves the support of others as they progress at their own pace.

(The following was spoken at a seminar:)

Today is about examining data in a whole new way.   I am going to provide you with a new framework for viewing this data, a scaffolding on which to drape this data, that is probably built a little differently than the framework you already have.  The information is absolutely vital and critical to your future, but it will be worthless if we examine it in the same way that it has been presented to us by what I’ll term ‘our popular culture.’

So your first opportunity today will be the opportunity to change your thinking.

I must warn you, this will not be easy for some.  I know this from experience.  You may well find yourself progressing through something akin to the five stages of grief throughout the day and throughout the next few months.  Awareness can be troubling enough to mirror the process of grief, and knowing this can be important in grounding oneself.

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I have to disagree with Chris on the sixth stage of awareness -
STAGE 6: The final state is acceptance.
I think it is wrong for us...
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