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user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 10, 2022
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I thought it was time to bring out the story of “The Remnant” again. It’s a really powerful framing concept for me. Ever since thc0655 brought it to my attention a few years back, it has stuck with me and proven its value.

The Remnant are those who can hear the message of change in time to prepare. They are unlike “the masses” who simply hew to the center of whatever the prevailing systems of the day happen to be. The masses aren’t bad people, but they are highly resistant to change and quite hostile to hearing about imminent change.

Translated into modern vernacular, for 1936 that is, Albert Jay Nock brings this tale of the prophet Isaiah to life and helps us understand that what we are going through today is simply part of the human experience.

Whether it’s 740 BC or it’s 2022, the principles are the same. Periods of calm and peaceful prosperity are followed by their opposites. When the winds of change are swirling about, “the masses” have no interest in hearing about the imminent changes. They will cajole, ignore, argue and dismiss any messages that their center-aisle comfy lives are about to be impacted by a change in fortunes.

The Remnant are a small, select group of people who are capable of hearing the message, thinking them through, and then acting upon them with purpose and integrity.

I suppose there’s a bell curve of human attributes that really hasn’t changed at all in thousands of years.

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