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The Reality of Our Divided World

Episode 105 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 28, 2023
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It is absolutely urgent and required that we share a coherent sense of reality.  Yes, we can have differences of opinion, but we cannot afford to have different facts or to indulge in fantasies or embrace mental illness.

We exist as we do courtesy of a highly complex, just-in-time global economy and financial system that has sprouted, mushroom-like, from an ever-lighter cube of fossil fuel.  Even a cursory examination of the “plans” to move to so-called clean energy (which faithfully ignores the impacts of mining) reveals them to be devoid of any tethers to basic realities.

Things like ‘size of the battery packs required to smooth over the intermittency of wind & solar,’ and ‘do the resources to build all these things even exist in sufficient quantities?’

But just as we saw with the Covidian Cult, which studiously blocked any and all legitimate questioning by even the most highly qualified of people, for some reason the people at the helm allow no significant public discourse on these matters.

Greta Thunberg gets endless press time, Professor Simon Micheaux virtually none.  Nobody from the press is calling me up either to discuss The Crash Course and its many implications.

Similarly, our ““markets”” are as much of a fiction as our energy narrative.

The Fed and its many minions conspire daily to wrestle stock and bond prices in the “right” directions to support whatever their current policy aims happen to be.  The narrative of power and money are now completely divorced from the idea that capital should flow freely…

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Shared Reality
I stopped talking about the problems we are facing. At least, I try to ?.
I no longer try to convince family members because they...
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