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The Shocking Reality of What Wealthy Billionaires Are Doing Behind The Scenes

Why do the elites do what they do? I have an idea…it’s so they can feel relevant and important and evade the discomfort of their deep-seated imposter syndrome.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jul 28, 2023
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What’s the plan?  More control.

They want to control what you eat (more bugs, less meat), which appliances you can buy (all electric, no more gas for you!), and what goes into your body (untested mRNA shots, etc.).

I have a theory.

It’s based on the last question I posed to RFK a couple of years back when I asked him if the Covid and vaccine mandates were about money and he scoffed and said they didn’t really care about money.  They cared about control and power.

The theory is that none of this has to do with anything more complex than overly entitled rich people running amok and trying to get a satisfying dopamine rush from something, anything, so they can brag at parties about their purpose and importance in life.

After all, the Silicon Valley, billionaire pecking order is as brutal as it is shallow.  Everybody must know, on some level, they are an imposter, no better than anyone else, but they have to live into their status as gods and goddesses.

So they come up with insane, gigantic plans for the rest of us.  Eating bugs, blocking out the sun, elective and destructive sex-change surgery on kids, and so forth. Hey, look what I got people to do!

Now it’s this thing called “Worldcoin” which simply wants your most intimate and identifying biometric data because…well, they haven’t really said.  Something about separating yourself from the AI bots on the net, but it’s not entirely clear how that would eventually come about because they haven’t…

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