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Episode 72 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Aug 02, 2022
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As many of you have pointed out in recent days, the attacks on the world’s people by the elites continue to grow in size, scope, and sophistication. Your family’s food and welfare, livelihoods, and freedoms are all under sustained attack by your so-called leaders. Their actions no longer make sense and cannot be viewed or understood by means of reason or logic.

Unfortunately, these new technocrats are exceptionally authoritarian and share much with the Stalinist and Maoist communists of old. Perhaps their most shared trait is the degree to which they distrust – if not outright fear – the general populace. The powerful few know best and anybody below their exalted tier who questions them deserves to be targeted for silencing, however that is accomplished.

For example, today the central banks of the world, led by the U.S. Federal Reserve, are certain they know the correct prices for money itself, bonds, stocks and commodities and they work daily to ensure the “correct” prices are reflected in the “”markets.”” (<- double quote marks needed to convey the degree to which we no longer have true price discovery in our markets).

They will cynically use whatever narratives are convenient as an excuse to steamroll their subjects, likefFarmers proving to be free-thinking rapscallions? They wield “climate change” against them to deprive them of their livelihoods (and all of us of food). Are truckers being restive? Have an ally trot out a Nazi flag briefly and then instruct your media friends to weaponize that one 12-minute appearance while ignoring the literal tens of thousands of Canadian flags to be found everywhere within that movement.

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