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The Most Shocking Interview I’ve Conducted this Year

Today we are delving into the surprising reality of stock market investments with Dr. Susanne Trimbath. We’ll explore how what you might think you own in your brokerage account might not actually exist at all. Join us for the most eye-opening conversation about Wall Street you’ll hear this year.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson March 8, 2024
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Note: This interview is being released first to Peak Prosperity subscribers.  It will be released to the public in a few days give or take.

In today’s episode of Off the Cuff, Dr. Susanne Trimbath, a true expert with real, practical experience in economics and finance, shines a bright light on the inner workings of Wall Street.  Her views were sought out as a means of better understanding the true risks raised during our exploration of the laws and rules governing financial asset ownership.  That is, your stocks and bonds in your brokerage account.

With her rich experience spanning the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the DTC, and various academic positions, Dr. Trimbath is uniquely positioned to illuminate the often-opaque workings of Wall Street.

I have to confess – this interview shocked me.  Twice!

I’m pretty difficult to shock, to be honest.

One revelation; far too often when a brokerage or Wall Street sells a stock or a bond to you, they don’t have it to sell.  You bought it, and your statement says you have it,  but behind the scenes, there’s nothing there at all.  You were sold something that doesn’t actually exist.  Weird, shocking, and true.

Join us as we explore these critical issues, understanding how they affect the stability of our financial system and, importantly, your investments.

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OMFG!! (…heavy breathing). David Rogers Webb turns out to be an optimist after hearing this. So how could someone listen to Dr. Trimbath and then...
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