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The Missing “Vitamin” Necessary For Optimal Health

This device could radically improve health and healing for literally every single person who uses it. Evie and I have one. It works. Peter Simonson explains the science which boils down to this – Impact exercise is a metabolic vitamin.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Oct 14, 2023
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Today’s episode promises to be a journey of fascinating discovery. Some of you may recall a brief mention of a captivating individual I met at the FLCC event in Dallas last year. Peter Simonsson is not only a dear friend now but also the President of Juvent – a company that’s opening up brand new avenues in health and technology.

Peter’s company produces a piece of equipment which I cheekily refer to as the “magic vibrating box” and is currently a feature in our house.  It’s located in a place where it’s convenient to stand on it for 10-20 minutes per day while we perform other tasks.

The device is called “Juvent” and its impact on health, especially for those with chronic pain issues, is undeniably transformative. My own experience and observation, especially noting the progress from Evie given her three back surgeries (and a lumbar fusion, with rods) and on reducing my own bodily aches and pains, is a testament to its efficacy.

But today isn’t just about our anecdotal evidence. Peter’s here to delve deep into the science behind it all and it’s a very comprehensive and very cool bit of biology and science.

Here’s what’s possible; if everyone used a Juvent the United States population alone could see 300,000,000 people add 5 upright, ambulatory years to the end of their lives while improving their health prior to the end-of-life stage.  The reason is that our skeleton is a metabolic organ and it requires impact stimulus to function properly.

So brace yourselves for…

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