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The Fed Buys Last Week’s Treasury Notes

The User's Profile Chris Martenson August 6, 2009
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In concert with the claims I made in the prior post, The Fed bought $7 billion in Treasuries today and even more yesterday.

This is at the upper end of their recent range of already exceptional purchasing activity.

If things are so rosy that every single dip is being bought in the stock market with a vengeance, I wonder why these printing operations are really necessary?

This $14-billion-plus buying activity by the Fed represents fresh money created out of this air that was exchanged for the sovereign debt of the US.  However, since the Fed has, for all practical purposes, never undone its permanent operations (hey, that’s why they are called "POMOs"), we can consider these additions of money as good as permanent themselves.


Looking at the maturity range, we can see that these are all long-dated bonds, with the one today specifically offering us a tantalizing clue as to how the shell game is being played.

Here’s the Treasury announcement for the 7-year auction that came out on July 30 (last Thursday).  Please note the specific CUSIP number circled.  Every bond in this auction carries this specific identifying number.


And now let’s look at the detail for this most recent POMO:

Good grief!  Just last week, when the auction results were announced, it was trumpeted to great fanfare that there was "more than sufficient" bid-to-cover, "strong demand," and all the rest.

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This is beyond intriguing. 
Can someone explain to me why the stock market is ignoring this to such a great degree?  I can see ignoring this...
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