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The Energy Crisis: How To Survive

user profile picture Samantha Biggers Oct 29, 2022
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How much the energy crisis and shortages affect you depends on a variety of factors. Perhaps one of the more important factors is where you live. In this article, I will discuss some of what this winter has in store for different regions of the U.S. and Europe by showing the events that got us here and continue to unfold.

After we better understand what we are likely facing, we can apply some solutions to help ease the discomfort. Of course, nothing will ease the negative effects entirely. With inflation and supply and demand issues, there are going to be some higher expenses for all households.

Resources as weapons of war?

One of the most overlooked points of the unfolding energy crisis by the average person is that our governments are using our energy resources to wage war. Just how far all this goes, and the final results, remains to be seen. Many fear a worst case scenario of a small-scale nuclear exchange.

The following incidents show energy used as a weapon throughout the globe:

Attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline

As reported here extensively, a 50-meter section of the Nord Stream  pipeline was destroyed or buried under the Baltic Sea by an unnamed party. This pipeline supplied natural gas to northern Europe via Germany. Chris revealed the “smoking gun” to prove it was sabotage.

Energy Infrastructure in Ukraine

There have been an alarming number of attacks on power plants in Ukraine. As of October 19, an estimated 30% of the power plants have been hit by Russian air strikes. Perhaps the most alarming has been the shelling near country’s nuclear reactors.

OPEC Oil Cuts

Recently, OPEC announced that despite pressure from the Biden Administration, it would cut oil production by two million barrels per day. That translates to a 2% reduction in oil available worldwide. The price per barrel of Brent crude rose 1.5% when cuts were announced. U.S. produced oil rose 1.7% as well.

There are many reasons why the cuts took place. Biden’s campaign insults aimed at the country. Saudi’s interest in joining BRICS. The efforts to sideline or destroy the Petrodollar. Backlash from the U.S.

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