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The End of Money

Chapter 2 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 16, 2023
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“They” know.

They know that the green energy future is a delusion.  They know that our debts can never be repaid.  They know that innumerable promises both explicit and implicit can never be kept.

Most people also know on some level, and that’s why so many are now ‘freaking out’ or displaying signs of anxiety, demoralization, and other stress coping mechanisms.

Back in the day, before the Crash Course was fully conceived or named, I gave a talk called The End of Money.

Here I am doing so in a theater in West Hartford CT in 2007.

Back then, Peak Oil hadn’t fully settled into the storyline, nor had the environmental “E.”

Just on the basis of money and money alone, I could see the end.  Not because I am great at fortune telling – I’m as good and as bad at that as anybody else – but because I can extrapolate trends.

I could easily see that too many promises were being made.  Once I saw that and added the role of fossil fuels as the true source of our abundance and prosperity, the story became even more compelling.

And, now, here we are.  Much closer to the end than the beginning of the tale.  Things will be very different in just a few short years.  Most people will experience this as a period of great loss.  Others will experience it as a period of great gains. 

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