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The COVID Recovered Are Better Protected than the Vaccinated

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 26, 2022
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Natural immunity is better than vaccination alone.

The CDC has finally done a proper look into the protection offered by prior Covid-19 infection as compared to vaccination. I repeat, “finally!” The results apparently are surprising to them. Of course, they are not surprising to those of us who have been tracking natural immunity over these many months and saw early on from the Israeli data that it was at least as good as vaccination, if not better. Rather, this is surprising because the CDC had not managed to come across this critical insight until now.

Well, better late than never, right?

The results of this study show that whether you were vaccinated or unvaccinated, if you had a prior Covid infection you were one-third as likely to catch Covid again as those who had only been fully vaccinated but who had not had a prior Covid infection.

More importantly, prior infection conferred a huge benefit in preventing hospitalization from a subsequent infection. Those with a prior infection were less than half as likely to end up in the hospital as compared to those who had no prior infection, but were fully vaccinated.

The conclusions are profound and rock-solid:

  1. There is no medically valid reason for denying a vaccine exemption to those who have had a prior infection.
  2. There is no public health benefit to mandating vaccines upon those who have had a prior Covid infection.

Now, all of this is pre-omicron. But we knew this already, didn’t we?  My bet is that omicron will change everything once again because of how it not only “evades” vaccines, but somehow finds fully-vaccinated people to be easier and more permissive hosts.

Luckily, omicron is not that dangerous for the vast majority of people. But is this the end of it?

Maybe not if those in power have their say.

In Part 2, I explore the really stunning conclusions that result from understanding the likely genesis of omicron (BA.1)and its new “3rd cousin” BA.2 which is rapidly taking over Europe and is now in the US.

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