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The Coronavirus Threat Is Greatest In Cities

user profile picture Adam Taggart Feb 13, 2020
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The coronavirus continues its spread through China and surrounding Asian countries.

The data increasingly show that this virus is wickedly contagious, especially in crowded environments where population density is high — like the densely-packed buildings in cities.

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As a frightening example: in Japan, a health worker was infected while inspecting a quarantined cruise ship, despite wearing proper PPE and taking standard precautions.

On the more positive side, we are hearing “success” stories from those who have now recovered from the virus. These are mostly folks who had less serious cases, which is around 80% of those infected.

But, on the more concerning side, evidence is showing that those who recover may not have immunity from catching the virus again. And, that a second infection could potentially result in a much more serious threat to life.

As usual, we still need more detail before drawing hard conclusions.

There are many elements still unknown about this virus — such as why the rate of spread appears much lower outside of China than within.

We remain committed to scouring the news and science wires until we have the answers.

Stay tuned. We’ll share more as we learn of it.

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