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The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating Worldwide

user profile picture Adam Taggart Feb 22, 2020
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Outside of the lockdown within China, covid-19 cases are accelerating across the globe.

The virus has truly jumped the defense line.

It’s now a true pandemic, with countries all over the world reporting huge percent increases in the number of infected cases.

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We already know it has reached epidemic status in Japan and South Korea. But overnight, new cases have been declared by the US, Italy, Iran, Lebanon, the UAE and Israel, among others.

And within China, reports of patient “re-infection” are starting. We’ve been talking about the adverse metabolic response a second covid-19 can cause.

Are we starting to see examples of that? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, the markets are begrudgingly waking up to the severe damage China’s broken supply chains are inflicting on world trade.

How much worse will it get?

Again, time will tell.

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