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The Coronavirus Is “This Generation’s Polio”

user profile picture Adam Taggart May 15, 2020
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Just as polio killed or permanently handicapped millions worldwide before a vaccine was developed, medical experts are now drawing comparisons in scale with the coronavirus.

Covid-19 is “this generation’s polio” declares Nicolas Hart, the British physician who recently treated UK PM Boris Johnson.

With the false claims of “it’s just the flu” now disproven, we’re now faced with how to live under the threat of covid-19 infection until — hopefully, as there are no guarantees here — an effective vaccine is developed and deployed at scale.

How do we find a way to work, shop and socially interact without unacceptable risk to an invisible and highly-infectious virus that can kill us or leave survivors with long-lasting damage to our lungs and other organs?

Ready or not, we’ll be figuring that out over the coming months…

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