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Supercomputer Breakthrough For Treating Covid-19

user profile picture Adam Taggart Sep 04, 2020
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It looks like a major development has just occurred in the fight against covid-19.

A ‘Big Data’ project shoved much of the data collected so far on the coronavirus into one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. It crunched the numbers for a week and came out with a very significant finding.

It appears that covid-19 causes an overproduction of bradykinin (creating a “Bradykinin Storm”), the compound that dilates blood vessels and makes them permeable. This leads to leaky blood vessels and results in the build-up of blood in the body’s soft tissues.

This conclusion explains how covid-19 spreads and damages the body, as well as the many puzzling symptoms caused by the coronavirus.

And, if indeed proven correct, this understanding opens up new, more effective ways to treat and defend against covid-19 infection:

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