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Something Wicked is Afoot

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 26, 2022
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This is a continuation of Part 1. Click here to view: “Covid Recovered are Better Protected Than The Vaccinated“.

First, let’s look at the utterly backwards take by CNN’s chief medical correspondent (Elizabeth Cohen) who gets the CDC study on natural immunity exactly wrong. Not sure how, but at best a total rookie mistake. Or deliberate. Either way, whatta rube!

Then, we look at the FDA’s obvious corruption in pulling the monoclonal antibodies while ALSO expanding the use of Remdesivir to outpatient use. For crying out loud, the stuff not only doesn’t help it hurts, and one of the ways it hurts is by causing renal failure. Sooo….shoot people up with Remdesivir, send them home, and tell them to come back after they fail to urinate for a couple of days? Is that the plan?  How can this even be happening!?

Finally, we get to the most explosive finding (of late) by your faithful information scout.  You know I am deeply suspicious of omicron (BA.1) because its lineage does not follow any possible organic evolutionary path from SARS-CoV-2.  Looks like a lab release, and the fact that nobody is keen to find patient zero cements my suspicions.

Now there’s a second omicron “variant” called BA.2 that adds to the hypothesis that we’re nothing more than lab rats in someone’s grand experiment. BA.1 and BA.2 share only a very ancient connection to the Alpha, Beta and Delta variants (which are all distinctly on the same family tree…unlike omicron BA.1 and BA.2).

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Someday, perhaps many years hence, we will bring everyone who was complicit in this travesty to account. Preserve your documents. Save your screenshots and video...
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