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Simon Black: The Most Sound Opportunities Are Outside the Western World

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 28, 2011
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"In the long run, as decades of capital misallocations and inefficiencies in the global economy get shaken out, there’s going to be a redistribution of the wealth. And I think the wealth is going to go to where it’s treated best.

And at the end of the day, that’s really what I’m looking for: the places that have the most solid fundamentals and the best growth potential."

So states Simon Black, who travels the world (over 20 countries in the past 3 months) in order to assess and report on the investment and lifestyle opportunities offered by various international destinations for the readers of his blog, His boots-on-the-ground observations lead him to conclude that there are a number of resource-rich and fiscally sound developing nations that are much better positioned to meet the future than the US and its developed counterparts. Smart investors, in his opinion, can't afford to ignore the stability and returns (both financial and lifestyle) that these countries offer. They should be asking themselves: Do I have sufficient exposure to these opportunities?

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In this podcast, Simon details:

  • The nature and scope of the opportunity he sees foreign markets offer – on investing, business and personal levels
  • Why much of the developing world is in a secular ascendancy vs. developed countries
  • The investing edge his boots-on-the-ground info scouting gives him in identifying and assessing opportunities
  • The universal trend he observes in all governments to preserve the status quo – and why that means the US is likely to continue down its current inflationary money-printing path
  • How developing exposure to countries outside your own offers reduced risk and higher potential returns to your investment portfolio
  • How individuals of any means can pursue "true freedom": sufficient personal wealth, time and liberty – by looking abroad

Simon Black is the proprietor of the blog. He travels to dozens of countries each year, meeting with key players in industry, government, and finance, to develop an insider’s advantage in understanding where world affairs are headed. Simon's blog is dedicated to the principal of helping people find true freedom, which he defines as having sufficient wealth, time and personal liberty. To that end, he produces a daily stream of both free and premium Notes From The Field for his readers.


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