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Shamefully Ignorant Journalists…

user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 11, 2020
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Understanding the ways in which the media seeks to control the narrative and sway your opinions is explored by dismantling two recent shamefully crafted hit pieces that went after Dr. Kory and his Covid Critical Care Team.

Once you learn to spot leading phrases and slanted and biased words you gain power.

No longer can you be so easily manipulated by media hacks. You’ll regain your ability to be in control of your own ideas, thoughts and emotions.

In this episode, I explore how one of the most accomplished medical teams in the world, was characterized by the media as “fringe” and “conspiracy types” without any supporting context or evidence of any sort. It was smear-by-association only.

It was also deeply regrettable and displayed either a profound ignorance by the journalists involved (Steve Benen, Catie Edmondson, & Nicholas Fandos), or a deep, dark malice.

You decide.

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