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Scouting Report: Inflation, GME, and Cows with Paul Kiker

Even the rich aren’t safe anymore. They’re on the menu too. Probably best if they joined the crowds seeking to change things before things spiral any further out of control. Oh, and we discuss cows.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 15, 2024
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I was packed from the get-go this morning with interviews and content so my scouting report got a little behind.  Next thing I knew Paul Kiker and I were on deck to record our weekly Finance U podcast, and so I invited him to sit with me through this scouting report.

In what should be a truly disturbing shot across the bow of many a yacht, even rich people are being cut off from home insurance in CA and other markets.  Paul theorizes that insurance companies were the dumb money in commercial real estate, they are hurting badly, and so are reeling in their policies or charging drastically more to try and make up for the losses.

The message is clear from the system; little people need to sit down and shut up.  At least that’s what the former chair of the SEC said more or less directly when he frowned upon ‘roaring kitty’ posting a meme to Twitter that merely showed a man sitting forward in his chair.


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