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Rich Dad’s Advice For 2021

user profile picture Adam Taggart Dec 04, 2020
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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the #1 best-selling personal finance book ever, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is very concerned about 2021.

He believes that America is suffering from great social division largely caused by the unfair policies of the Federal Reserve which is picking who wins (the already rich and powerful) and who loses (everyone else) in today’s society.

As a former marine who fought for the American ideals of freedom and fairness, Robert is concerned that the US is fast losing both.

And the damage done to the economy, throwing tens of millions of households out of work and decimating many small businesses, is only making the situation worse.

Having this struggling economy paired with financial markets at historic levels of over-valuation, Kiyosaki fears it’s going to be rough going for those looking to build wealth from here. Which is why he thinks developing financial literacy and creating income streams that you control are more important than ever.

And Robert agrees with Peak Prosperity’s outlook that now, more than ever, is the time to partner with a financial advisor who understands the risks in play, can craft an appropriate portfolio strategy for you given your needs, and apply sound risk management protection where appropriate:

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And if you’re one of the many readers brand new to Peak Prosperity over the past few months, we strongly urge you get your financial situation in order in parallel with your ongoing physical coronavirus preparations.

We recommend you do so in partnership with a professional financial advisor who understands the macro risks to the market that we discuss on this website. If you’ve already got one, great.

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