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Responses & Risks To The Fragile Financial System

What would happen to our financial system during a grid down event or, worse, during an electromagnetic event that might cause data loss requiring disaster recovery efforts to resume operations? Obviously the impacts could be large. Let’s explore this together…

The User's Profile Chris Martenson April 5, 2024
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What would happen if the electrical grid went down, or an EMD of geomagnetic disturbance wiped out parts of the data records for our financial systems?  What might happen and how long do you think it might take to reconstitute the system to functioning?

Today we explore these topics, and offer at least one concrete thing you can do to be at least better prepared than most people, which could be important if or when legal standing and claims are being processed, placing you at the front of the line.

Finally, what the heck is gold trying to tell us?


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