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The User's Profile Chris Martenson August 10, 2009
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This is a must-read article.  It shows that the big money, and what I consider to be the long-term smart money, is moving aggressively towards locking up the last remaining critical resources on the planet. This article centers on crop land, but it could just as easily center on critical mineral resources. Or oil.

Wish you weren’t here: The devastating effects of the new colonialists

The UN predicts that by 2050, the world population will have grown by 50 per cent. Growing the food to feed nine billion people will place enormous pressure on the Earth, eroding soils, denuding forests and draining rivers. Climate change will make all that worse. Oil prices will continue to rise, and with them the cost of fertiliser and tractor fuel. Demand for biofuels would further cut land available for food crops. The 2007/8 price crunch might just be a foretaste of something worse. The times of plenty are already over. Next, there might not be enough food to go round, even for those with lots of money.

We have not really noticed it here, because the UK, like the US, still instinctively seems to place unlimited faith in the ability of the market to provide. But other countries have begun to devise a long-term strategic response.

The clearest public sign of that came in June when, just before the meeting of world leaders at the G8 in Italy, the Japanese prime minister, Taro Aso, asked: "Is the current food crisis just another market vagary?" He replied to his own question: "Evidence suggests not; we are undergoing a transition to a new equilibrium, reflecting a new economic, climatic, demographic and ecological reality."

But the market is having its say, too: the cost of land is rising.

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 Thanks for sharing this Chris.  Anyone who has seen the movie "Food, Inc." can vouch for what Monsanto, Tyson and their kind are doing to...
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