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Episode 61 Part 2

The User's Profile Chris Martenson May 17, 2022
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Food riots. Recession warnings. Oil shortages. Inflation spiking. All of these things are connected and spring from the same source; defective “leadership.” Serious predicaments and unserious leaders mean it’s time to prepare.

In this video report, I lay out the troubling financial and economic warning signs that are increasingly spilling over (as predicted) into social unrest.

Sri Lanka and Tajikistan are this week’s latest additions to the “outside in” sweepstakes.

One possible reason for all the ailments is simply because most of the people in leadership have to experience with this thing called “reality.”

Many of them grew up in exceptionally privileged households and went to the right kindergartens, preparatory schools and universities before joining cushy law firms or consultancy shops.

It brings to mind this saying:

This applies equally to women as well, of course, and we’ve just come through some of the very goodest [sic] of times in all of human history.

It’s never been easier, and the weak leaders of our times reflect that. They aren’t familiar with how things are produced, or how to compromise when it really matters, or even that limits might actually exist.

Very few of our current national and international leaders have ever been in a position of having to produce things to survive.

And so, they are quite unserious people making very serious mistakes.

Let us hope and pray that it does not go all the way to nuclear war, because none of us can ever be well-prepared for that.

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