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Protecting Yourself From CBDC’s

The chance of “them” crashing the system is approaching 100%. They simply know not what they do. So, what should you being doing? Here are a few ideas…

The User's Profile Chris Martenson July 5, 2024
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It’s clear that CBDC efforts are well underway.  And “they” have every intention of shoving them down our throats at the first opportunity, which will be some manufactured crisis of one form or another.

The lure of power is simply too great.  One of the Great Reset’s main goals is the achievement of complete power over the citizenry and being able to dictate individual actions at the most granular of scales.

However, the biggest problem with the plans of these authoritarian-minded world-improvers, is that it’s being run by ignorant fools.  They are too many generations removed from dirt under the fingernails; raised within a completely abstract world by parents who were also raised in that hall of mirrors.

With enough time, hubris is simply the cultural norm  (more…)

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This Kunstler piece is so spot on!
There’s a reason that the fable of The Emperor’s New Clothes is so potent: it describes a mentally ill...
Anonymous Author by cmartenson