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Prosper! (Paperback)

Current global trends are bleak: weak economic growth, too much debt, declining incomes for the lower 99%, a dangerous addiction to fossil fuels, and ecological destruction – just to name a few. Many of us understandably feel resigned to an eroding standard of living in the years to come. At best.

  • But what if we told you that there are specific, attainable steps you can take today that can limit your vulnerability to these trends and help you be:
  • Richer
  • Live with greater purpose
  • Healthier
  • More valued by others
  • Happier
  • Safer from harm

That’s exactly what Prosper offers: a blueprint for taking control of and improving your destiny. It outlines practical, actionable investments of your time & resources that will ensure you enjoy greater prosperity in your life, whatever the future may bring.

In Prosper, Martenson and Taggart will explain:

  • The trends mostly likely to shape your life over the next 20 years
  • Why developing resilience offers your best chance for thriving, even though society may suffer from the changes these trends may bring

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