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Consultation with Chris

Consultation with Chris


For individuals and organizations seeking custom guidance in addressing the economic and lifestyle implications of issues raised in the Crash Course, Chris is available for private consultations at a rate of $500 per hour, billed in 30-minute increments.

Broadly alert to the implications of the most significant trends shaping the future, Chris will help you see the bigger picture as it applies to your situation and help you determine how best to prepare for it.

He will arm you or your company with knowledge and insight into the macro-events that will likely affect your finances, environment, and future.

Having correctly called the housing bubble, the rise in gold, the decline in the dollar, and the current difficulties spawned by derivatives and excessive debt, Chris’ view of the future now includes several other “hidden in plain sight” risks and opportunities.

For individuals

Chris offers guidance on wealth preservation, precious metal purchasing & storage strategies, and resiliency-building for individuals looking to protect the purchasing power of their assets and/or move without fear into the post-Peak-Oil future. He can offer guidance on personal transition, location, preparedness, community, and energy and infrastructure in the home.

For Foundations

During portfolio planning and review cycles, Chris offers a deeply-informed point of view and broad perspective regarding how to shape progressive initiatives for a future in flux. If your long-term view does not include his perspectives, your investments may be at risk of significant decline in purchasing power.

For Companies

If your organization is not fully prepared to face a future defined by rising input costs and slowing economic growth, Chris can offer direction on how to strategically reposition. Chris’s corporate background includes many years of strategy and development, and he is intimately familiar with the value of the right point of view at the right moment in your planning process. If your plans go out more than a few quarters, you deserve to incorporate a broad view of the Three Es in your scenario plans.

Scheduling Your Consultation

To begin scheduling your consultation, we require you pay a $250 deposit towards the first 30 minutes.  We will then reach out to you via e-mail to arrange the details, including timing.

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