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Private Profits Vs Public Health

user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 05, 2020
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2020 has taken a lot of the wind out of my sails.

I’ve gone from being pretty skeptical of all-things-corporate-and-governmental to being completely flabbergasted at just how transparently self-serving and power/money-hungry they actually are.

Somewhere deep down I suppose I’ve been holding onto a remnant of hope that when push finally came to shove, better people and better policies would emerge.  You know, because it’s a global emergency and all that.

But, nope.  We got the opposite instead.

By way of example, I first began reporting on Ivermectin as a possible COVID treatment back in April of 2020.  I’ve been following it every step of the way ever since.

Confusingly, all of the studies done on it came from poorer, third world countries.

The stupendously rich and well-resourced countries of the West – Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia somehow couldn’t find the time to fund a proper study of Ivermectin.  A few are in the works, but they’re small and not finished and won’t report out until long after the first vaccines are deployed.

Instead, those same countries’ health managers dourly note that because there are no RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial) results, they can’t recommend Ivermectin.

However, the poorer countries out there, who instead are ‘richer’ in scientific inquiry in this regard, have somehow managed to plow ahead and perform numerous RCTs — 100% of which have come back showing a powerful preventive and curative effect of Ivermectin as a treatment against COVID-19.

All of this in great detail in my recent Banned YouTube & Vimeo video:

The data is 100% in alignment: Ivermectin blocks COVID pre- and post-exposure. Both as a prophylactic and as a treatment for limiting/reducing the worst of COVID’s symptoms, including death in early and late hospitalization.

Further, one study shows massive benefit to COVID long haulers, those unfortunate people struggling for weeks and months after infection with fatigue, brain fog, racing hearts and other maladies.

With such clear and compelling data, anybody who actually cares about and is responsible for public health has only one option: assuring that Ivermectin is used widely and immediately.

What flabbergasts me is, instead, we’ve seeing nothing but an eerie silence from our national health managers on the topic.

We might ask why. But my conclusion is based on this quote:

Humans are driven by incentives.

For some reason the national health managers in the US are not incentivized to discover and publicize cheap, highly effective treatment for COVID-19.

They instead have some other incentives. What exactly they are I can’t say for sure, but we can clearly see that “saving lives” is not high on their list.

As far as determining what is driving them, it sure looks like this is a major factor:

(Source – FDA)

The drug companies want to use the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) pathway to get their vaccines fast-tracked to the population.

While we can (and probably should) argue about whether that’s a worthy goal, the fact that Ivermectin’s 90% rate of blockage of the development of COVID symptoms/infection should probably prevent the EUA from being a viable path for development for these companies.

But the priority now seems to be: block the mention and/or study of possibly effective cheap and widely availalble treatments so they can’t trip-up the EUA machinery. In other words: Just push the vaccine.

I mean, it would knee-cap the marketing and broad adoption of a vaccine if people had a legit alternative.  Especially if people had concerns about the rushed development process of the current vaccine candidates in which numerous time-based safety parameters simply couldn’t be run.

Are safety concerns legitimate right now?  Of course they are. Don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise.

There’s has never been an mRNA vaccine before.  There’s lots we simply don’t know about efficacy, side-effects or duration of immunity.

These new vaccines could be the next amazing development in vaccine technology since the first cowpox stick magically protected people against smallpox. Or a lot of complexities and undesirable outcomes we don’t yet know about may emerge.

While I understand the broadly-stated need for a vaccine, and while I am acutely aware of the damage that COVID has done to the health of hundreds of thousands of patients, the lack of interest in effective other treatments that our national health managers have so far displayed has my full attention.

The heroes of COVID are the hardworking doctors and nurses who, on their own very limited time, have managed to work out effective treatments.

The incredible crew at the Easter Virginia Medical School (EVMS) headed up by Dr. Paul Marik developed the MATH+ protocol which has evolved into a full treatment regimen spanning from pre-exposure prophylaxis to severe in-hospital Covid treatment.

Its cornerstone?  Ivermectin.

I’m convinced that if the entire world were using this protocol, patient deaths and suffering from COVID would be drastically reduced.

EVMS’ treatments have ridiculously wide margins of safety, practically no side effects worth mentioning, and display incredible clinical benefits.

So the question becomes: Why aren’t western countries (the US in particular) putting all their efforts into distributing Ivermectin and promoting this protocol?

Sadly, there isn’t a good answer to this question.  Only bad ones.  Ones that place profit above concern for people’s lives and health.

An Important Decision Looms

I didn’t write this article just to point out the obvious and magnificent failings of the national health managers.  I’m writing it to alert you to the fact that an effective COVID treatment now exists.

If you or a loved one has COVID, or thinks they do, implement the Math+ protocol immediately.

If your doctor or health system won’t administer Ivermectin, go to a different one.  Again, immediately.  Time counts.

If unable to get Ivermectin through ‘approved’ channels, a growing number of people have discovered that it’s widely available for pets and farm animals.  While I can’t comment on that strategy for legal reasons, I certainly do understand the desire of these people to do whatever’s necessary to protect their own lives as well as those of the ones they love.

I should also point out that vaccines and Ivermectin do entirely different things. They’re not really in competition. Or, at least, they shouldn’t be.

A vaccine will help to prevent contracting the virus at all.

But what if you do? Well, then you’d likely want to have access to Ivermectin as an option in your treatment regimen.

(I should note here that some of the people who got the placebo in all of the current vaccine trials did become seriously ill with COVID.  As far as I know, none of them were offered Ivermectin as a possible therapy.  Consider the ethics of that for a minute…)

The main conclusion is that a very ugly thing is playing out in our medical system.  People’s health and very lives are being sacrificed just to make the drug companies a few more bucks and to satisfy other egoic desires of those in power.

We all need to be acutely aware how much of a danger this mismatch between our personal best interests and their incentive is. This is why I continue to parse through the data and seek out actionable insights.

We’re at that awkward stage of the COVID story where remaining ignorant of what’s happening is a plan in itself. One with real consequences.

It’s looking like we’ll all have important decisions to face soon: Should I take the vaccine or not? Should I wait? Will I be allowed to wait?  What sorts of issues should I be on the lookout for?

In Part 2: My Personal Strategy For The Coming COVID Vaccine I lay out the biochemistry behind how the current mRNA vaccine candidates work, and share my own personal plans for whether, when, and under what conditions I may consider taking them. I also share my recent personal experiences with Ivermectin.

As mentioned, we all will soon have an important choice to make. For our own health and for those you care about.

Be sure to make that choice as informed as possible.

Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access).


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