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Preparing For Civil Unrest

user profile picture Samantha Biggers May 16, 2022
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People are on edge and with good reason. We are possibly looking at a repeat of 2020 with riots, violence and physical destruction, all potentially tied to the November elections as an end result.

With the Supreme Court alone, protestors are outside judge’s homes and firebombing pro-life organization offices.

We have lived with COVID-19 for more than two years. Lockdowns, a stressed economy, shortages, increased drug, and alcohol usage, and more have led to nations being one small catalyst away from civil unrest. Even a local event is enough to cause unrest throughout the country. That does not happen when a nation experiences good times.

We are living in the 4th Turning. At best, we have a few more years before we can expect any significant turnaround. Being resilient isn’t just good investments and bountiful gardens, it means preparing for things like violence and unrest. Even if you make a lot of effort to avoid trouble, it may come to you regardless.

This article shows you how to prepare for civil unrest and how to know when to make the call to leave until unrest is over. Some of the advice and supplies listed are probably things many of you already have, but I bet there are a few things in this post that you need to add, even if you are already a very well-prepared household.


Protecting Your Home

  • Do not assume the suburbs are safe. Sometimes, there is an assumption that you are safe from civil unrest as long as you do not live in a large city. When one looks at the statistics, it is often suburban bedroom communities for larger cities where unrest happens. Ferguson is located outside of St. Louis. In 2014, it experienced extreme civil unrest and riots despite a population of just 21,000.
  • Remove any objects from front lawns that could be used as a projectile.
  • Use window film to protect windows from projectiles. During civil unrest, a lot of objects are thrown. Protective window film is inexpensive and invisible. Renters and homeowners should consider using window film on all bottom story windows. Also, it makes for effective insulation during summer months.
  • Fences help but only because they make it easier to take another path. 

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