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Precious Metals’ Warnings And The Covid Trickle-Truth Dam Breaks

Huge events are underway. Reading the signals correctly will make the difference between your future prosperity vs misery. Gold and silver are one set of signals. So is the flood of trickle-truths about Covid and jabs.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 20, 2024
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What would it look like if China was tip-toeing away from dollars so as not to cause any alarm, while also buying gold with the resulting excess dollars?

Well, it would look exactly like the two charts in the front of this Scouting Report.

Further, we have strong signs that silver is being bought in size by India and Asia and this too is a signal we should not so lightly dismiss.

The world’s monetary leadership is changing.  Before our very eyes.

More ominously, China is also stockpiling copper far outside of any normal buying patterns of the prior five years.  Is this simply China front-running the obvious supply-demand shortfalls we all know are coming, or is it stockpiling in advance of some more energetic conflict?

Meanwhile, the trickle-truthing about Covid vaccines and policy harms is turning into a flood.  The Astra-Zeneca trial data that was released as part of AZ’s request to have their Covid vaccine license pulled, was eye-wateringly bad.


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Dave W:
In other words, world events are intimately tied to the UFO phenomena which is why intel agencies have long been observing them. This info...
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