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user profile picture Chris Martenson Dec 17, 2021
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Dr. Peter McCullough – recently on the Joe Rogan Experience – has been a fierce defender of patients, science, and leads with a big heart and compassion.

His data-backed advocacy for early treatment as a cornerstone of a multi-modal approach to dealing with Covid the disease has cost him dearly. His job, his titles, and his reputation have all been risked – and sometimes lost – as he uses his deep clinical experience to help patients.

I’ve been a huge fan of his tireless advocacy for science and logic. I especially admire his courage and his compassion. I’ve never expected him or anyone to get absolutely everything right, but I have expected everyone in a position of authority to be nimble, open-minded and honest. As you know, my expectations have been dashed in most cases.

Not with Peter. He’s the real deal and history will record that he’s been more right than the entirety of the CDC, FDA and NIH combined.

This conversation is packed with insights which are backed by data. As they should be.



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