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Personal Protection with John Lovell

“Down. We’re going down. It’s a powder keg. I just know too much of a history of the decline of empires. It’s just too easy to watch of nations usually decline slowly over time. And this is when they fall from the inside out.” John Lovell

user profile picture Chris Martenson Aug 09, 2023
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John Lovell is on a mission and he’s personally prepared for whatever may come.  And he’d like to help you get there as well.

Unlike so many who start and end that conversation with firearms and lots of ammo, John comes at it from a philosophical and spiritual direction first.

The point, after all, is to live.  But live for what?  What is your personal “why?”

The answers to those drive a more balanced life and knowing what’s worth fighting and possibly dying for.  Our families, our children, our faith and ideals; we each draw the line somewhere.

I am keen to continue my personal self-defense training, and I’m thinking our next trip might just be to one of John’s facilities and his trainers.

I really enjoyed talking with John, and I need to thank Dane (on staff here at PP) for bringing him to our attention.

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