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Peak Insider Live March REPLAY

Please enjoy the Replay of yesterday’s Peak Insider Live with Chris and Evie.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 29, 2024
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This is the Replay of yesterday’s Peak Insider Live with Chris and Evie.  Topics and questions included:

  • Risks of money in Big Banks and bank bail-ins
  • Can big banks be taken apart without causing a crash?
  • Relative Safety of Credit Unions and Regional Banks and other financial institutions
  • How do you assess the risk of your bank or credit union?
  • More thoughts on the Key Bridge Collapse
  • How spiritual and religious beliefs for Chris and Evie have changed post covid
  • Thoughts on the Fed printing money to buy crypto to control those markets
  • Are gold ETF’s risky?
  • Co-opting of voting and legal systems and possible outcomes
  • Why is China buying Gold?

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Here’s some data on PHYS - sprott’s version of GLD. Apparently, PHYS holds actual gold. And you can take delivery, if you have...
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