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September Peak Insider Live

By Peak Team
September 20, 2022

September Peak Insider Live

September 28, 2022

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OK Peak Insiders, it’s that time for you to get your questions answered directly by Chris and Evie. On September 28, they’ll be ready to talk about virtually any topic: Oil madness, economy, social craziness, “safe & effective”, war with Russia (or China), the energy markets, petrodollar decline, supply chain conditions, inflation, and, of course, Resilience. Join Chris and Evie tonight for Peak Insider Live. Advance question submissions are closed for today, but don’t forget you can ask live during the show.

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"It is estimated that one per cent of the geothermal energy shallower than five kilometers and hotter than 150°C could supply Australia's total energy requirements for 26 000 years (based on 2004-05 ...
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