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On the Frontlines: A Journey Through Ideas and Faith

It’s time to confront two things; the evil afoot in the world and our own power in creating the world we wish to see. In this episode I muse on things that have been gathering and rattling around in my brain and heart for many years.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 09, 2024
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This video involves almost no slides, and comes straight from my heart.  So feel free to listen to it rather than watch it.  I was having multiple conversations with Nick and Evie and others about these topics and was told, “You should record your thoughts.”  So here they are.

It concerns this; have you recently found yourself grappling with the concept of evil, its influence on global events, and how it shapes our world?

Well, you’re not alone.  This has been a weighty issue for me for months.  It’s the genesis of the “Have you been waking up at 3:30 am?” video I produced and the call to consider community as something we should elevate to the top of our preparation lists.

In this video, I will be diving headfirst into this uncomfortable reality but ultimately land on a very positive idea; we’re actually as powerful as anyone else.  This is a story of creativity and evolution and how things come to be.

Picture this: the world as a giant chessboard, with forces of good and evil locked in an eternal stalemate. Sounds dramatic, right? Well, it is.

This is a story as old as humanity, and it concerns not just who we are in the world, but how we are.  From time to time, things get unbalanced, a fact scribed out over and over again in the bible.  We live in a moment of great evil, and the scales are tipped. 

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Thank you for this presentation Chris. As I was listening little bits here and there kept resonating and reminding of something I contemplated sharing...
Anonymous Author by david-huang-2