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On Our Way To Freedom Fest

user profile picture Adam Taggart Jul 13, 2016
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For years now, a number of Peak Prosperity readers have been encouraging Chris and me to attend Freedom Fest, a conference billed as "The world's largest gathering of free minds". 

Every Spring, the calls and emails begin: Are you guys going to Freedom Fest this year?

They tell us this is consistently the most stimulating week of their entire year. And that, like at our annual seminars, the people you meet and relationships you make there are well worth the price of admission alone.

Well, this year we decided to take up the invitation.

So tomorrow Chris and I will make our way (me from the West coast, he from the East) to Las Vegas, where we'll spend three immersive days listening to speakers, panel discussions, and having 1-on-1 chats. Certainly, there will be some personalities there we're interested to meet in person — John Mackey, Senators Ron & Rand Paul, Steve Forbes, Bill Bonner, and the like — whom we'll see if we can get access to and record a podcast for the site.

Most important, though, we've been told by past attendees that the Freedom Fest audience is already completely bought in to the Economy "E" of our 3E story; however, it's quite unaware of the similarly unsustainable Energy and Environment "Es". This may be an important gathering of influencers to speak to, in hopes of propagating the full Peak Prosperity message to the sizable army of followers they reach.

At least, we think it's worth a shot.

So we'll be taking good notes and a selfie or two from the halls of this year's Freedom Fest, and we'll share the interesting nuggets we learn during the process with you all here on the site.

If you're going to Freedom Fest this year, or just happen to be in the Las Vegas area, come meet up with us. We'll be signing copies of our book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting at the Valaurum booth in the Exhibitors Hall at 2:50pm on Thursday.

And for those of you who will be following our experience vicariously here through the site, much of the speeches, debates and panels will be live streamed for the first time this year. You'll be able to watch them here:

And, as a warm-up, here's an interview we did a few years back on the growing surveillance State with Mark Skousen, Freedom Fest's founder and producer:

We'll start sharing updates as soon as we're on the ground…


Adam & Chris