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Off The Cuff With Lynette Zang – We’ve got a 50-50 chance

“Consilience” is when different avenues of study land on the same spot. How did a long time financial professional end up concluding that resilient communities and homesteads were an important response the same as Chris? Tune in to find out…

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 05, 2024
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Legendary long-time financial professional and certified hard asset champion Lynette Zang and I finally managed to get this podcast ‘in the can.’

Her years of experience and depth of analysis have led her straight to a spot familiar to many a Peak Prosperity member; buy hard assets and be sure to have a solid Plan B location all tricked out.

Deep study of the fiat, debt-based money system tends to lead people to the same conclusion, “This thing is going to fail someday!”

And when it does, hard assets will once again be the friends of those wishing to preserve some or all of other wealth.

Join us for a rocking good conversation!


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