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Off the Cuff: Trend Reversal?

The User's Profile Adam Taggart January 3, 2014
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In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and Mish discuss:

  • Trend Reversal?
    • The New Year starts with a surprise
  • 6 Years of Extreme Global Monetary Intervention
    • With more to come?
  • Big Trouble Brewing in Asia
    • Don't bet on East eclipsing West anytime soon
  • Middle-Class Squeeze
    • Getting even tighter in the future

In this first Off the Cuff podcast of the New Year, Chris and Mish note the emerging signs of a potential market reversal. Similar to 2008, we have been seeing paper markets power higher on thinner and thinner volumes. All while gold, silver and other commodities have been punished.

In the first full trading day of the 2014, we saw the paper markets sell off, and the precious metals bounced hard off what is looking like a bottom. If the next few days display more of the same (weak price action in stocks & bonds; strength in PMs), things could get interesting quickly…

Chris and Mish also discuss major trends for the coming year. Among them, more artificial monetary support for the markets, but with diminishing returns becoming apparent to all. We may even see the Fed temporarily tighten further in order to be given political air-cover for later stepping back in and opening the money-floodgates wide.

Mish notes that Asia is swiftly changing from an area of strength to one of weakness.

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