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Off The Cuff: The Current System Is A Servitude Trap

user profile picture Adam Taggart Apr 11, 2019
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In this week's Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss:

  • Our Current System Is A Servitude Trap
    • You need to escape it to prosper
  • The Rich Own The Assets & The Rest Own The Debt
    • Which is why its so hard to move up socio-economically these days
  • Asset Bubbles Pevert Opportunity
    • Big lifedesicsions become much more speculative
  • The Scary Side of Facebook/Google Media Monoply
    • Private industry & the government sharing our data

This was the podcast orginally planned to run last week, but we bumped it to rush to you the time-sensitve reveations from Art Berman regarding the Ghawar oil field depletion data.

In *this* podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith pull back the veil covering the architecture underlying today's society, exposing how the system is designed to trap us all in servitude to the parties running it. From how we're eductated, to the options available to us with our jobs and our money, to how our own personal data is increasingly being used to manipulate us — increasingly the only way to prosper in terms of wealth and well-being is to break from convention and operate outside of the system as much as possible:

The whole thing is a wreck. This is all I ever hear. That's the sort of human side of what we're talking about.

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Real Estate (which has become a fixed income instrument) concerns me in an era of world history lows in interest rates. If the government...
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