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Off The Cuff: Descent Into Madness

The User's Profile Adam Taggart November 8, 2019
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In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and James Howard Kunstler discuss:

  • America’s death-match style of politics
  • Corruption is everywhere these days
  • Society is dangerously close to violence as faith is lost
  • The shrinking Overton window

Strap in for an hour of angst. Acerbic commentator James Howard Kunstler addresses a litany of deficiencies in today’s system, most notably the many forces removing prosperity and freedom for the bottom 99%:

This is the classic sclerotic end of empire, a sort of final trashing of the dragon’s tail moment. I think that the actual conditions of this final tail-thrashing is making America crazy. By that, I mean the probability for the collapse of the financial system and for the American economy is becoming dangerously high.

And I think that the fear and anxiety behind the fragility of our system is so great that it’s driving the country into madness.

The only difference between now and the Civil War is that it hasn’t turned into a bloodbath.

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IMHO the reason the Dems or TPTB highly dislike honorable people is because honorable people can not be easily manipulated. The Dems and Hillary...
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