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Of Government Lies And Self-Deceptions

Bad data can lead to bad decisions. Today we need to discuss the BLS’s inflation data and the persistent pushing of the abiotic oil idea.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 12, 2024
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I’m not sure why, but my culture is having a crisis of critical thinking.  And perhaps of morals.  It shouldn’t be possible for someone to go to work with the intention of deceiving, but that’s where we are with the BLS and their ever-fraudulent inflation statistics.

Exhibit A:

While harmful to everyone depending on a COLA adjustment keeping up with inflation, the monthly fraud is really more of an annoyance than a major problem.

If you want a really huge disaster, then you’ve got to turn to the lack of a coherent energy policy for the US and a very strong strain of coping going around that advances the idea of oil being abiotic in nature.


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I feel like the three-handed economist.
On the one hand, peak cheap oil is a thing. I recall doing a study of depletion rates of...
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