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NEW SURVEY: The World Is Listening To Our Input!

user profile picture Adam Taggart Jun 18, 2020
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Back during the height of the covid-19 pandemic in April, 4,500 readers participated in our survey helping reveal how the virus and its impacts were changing society’s beliefs and behaviors.

And the world listened. Major publications including Johns Hopkins, CBS, NBC, and MSN Money published results from the survey.

Now, the world wants to hear more. With national lockdowns easing and creating concerns for a surge in new cases, and tens of millions (in the US alone) finding themselves out of work, we’re being asked for an update on how households and businesses are facing the uncertain future.

Please share your latest perspective by taking our new survey here.

Note: Chris and I have added several exploratory questions at its end, asking for your input on how we can further improve the value that delivers to you. We’ll appreciate it greatly if you can share your thoughts with us there.

As we did with the previous survey, we will first make the findings available to you — the audience. We’ll then share them widely with the general media and with open-minded policymakers, in the hope that better information will lead to better decision-making.

We are making a difference here. Because so many readers took our earlier survey, that enabled us to capture statistically significant insights on a number of highly sought-after questions. These results let us break through the noise during an incredibly chaotic time in the media and get useful data onto the radar of decision-makers. We hope you’ll help us make a similar positive impact this time around.

Your answers will be completely anonymous to Peak Prosperity and we will only be reporting insights at the aggregate (not individual) level.

These insights will be offered to the world free-of-charge.

This latest version should take you about 10 minutes to complete. To get started on it, click the blue button below:

[button url=””]TAKE THE SURVEY NOW[/button]

And if you don’t want to take the survey, for whatever reason, please don’t. There’s zero pressure from us to do so.

And to all those who take the survey: Thank you for your help with this important initiative!


Many thanks,

Adam & Chris