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New Martenson Report: Oil – The Coming Supply Crunch (Part II)

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 13, 2009
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In this Martenson Report for subscribers, I continue with Part II of our discussion on what the next oil supply crunch will mean and steps you might take today to lessen the impact.

Oil – The Coming Supply Crunch (Part II)

Here’s a snippet:

Executive Summary

  • Explaining Oil Pricing – oil prices are "set at the margin"
  • Oil Storage – When it’s pumped out of the ground it has to go somewhere
  • Oil Price Behavior – slight supply and demand imbalances drive prices
  • The Total Shortfall – too little oil to support a robust recovery
  • Nothing Fails Like Success – the worst thing would be a rapid economic recovery
  • Timing – when will Oil Shock III arrive?
  • What should you do?
  • Investments, food, selecting a community, and an abbreviated buy list

In Part I of this report, I laid out the case that the
combination of declines in the production output of existing oilfields and a
lack of investment in new oil fields would lay the foundation for Oil Shock

This report will examine Oil Shock III by painting a number
of possible scenarios, and then discuss steps you might take to weather the
storm, when it arrives. I will help you
translate current news and future projections into actionable information. My goal is to help you better understand what
is going on and what you can personally do about it.