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Neocons Are Attempting To Goad Russia Into A Nuclear Exchange

How close are we to nuclear weapons being used somewhere? A lot closer than we should be, a lot closer than I am comfortable with, and you wouldn’t know that by reading the mainstream news. As always your information scout is there to surface the news and connect the dots.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 30, 2024
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The evidence speaks for itself.  The US driven by shadowy neocons has been trying to goad Russia into a conflict that will permanently weaken or cripple Russia.

They’ve been poking and prodding Russia since the late 1990’s and have been relentless.  NATO has been their tool, and each year is a new set of provocations and more NATO military assets installed ever closer to Russia’s border.

And now we’ve got the West arming Ukraine with long-range missiles that have been used to attack one of Russia’s nuclear detection radar installations deep within her territory, and Putin making painfully clear statements of warning to Europe and the US.

Who is driving these insane tactics and policies?  (More…)

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As of a few minutes ago Germany, Denmark and the United States have given the go-ahead for Ukraine to use Western weapons to strike inside...
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