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Navigating 2024 – Managing Wealth In The Year of the Midwit

What does 2024 hold, and what should you be considering as you balance and manage your investments? Paul Kiker and I discuss this against the backdrop of being “led” by midwits at the Federal Reserve and in political power who seem to not grasp much.

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In a recent interview with Grant Williams, he made the case that perhaps the institutional chaos and political incoherence we’re experiencing can all be explained by midwits being in power.  Certainly the recent Harvard plagiarism debacle supports that being the case.  The midwits on the Harvard board seemed incapable of estimating or appreciating the damage that protecting and defending a serial plagiarist might have on their brand let alone their multi-century long mission.

Ditto for Budweiser and the Bud Light fiasco.  Or Disney and its unbearably preachy, hectoring movies.

Is it the case that the Federal Reserve is similarly staffed to the gills with midwits and self-delusional true believers?  Count on it.

But what does this mean for the average investor?  What steps can and should they take given the knowns and the current unknowns?

Tune in to find out.

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