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Natural Gas Prices in Free-Fall

user profile picture Chris Martenson Aug 31, 2009
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As you know from the oil reports I put out a while back, I am concerned that our broken paper markets are having real-world impacts that might prove to be regrettable.  One of those areas is in the realm of NG pricing and production.

I am convinced that we are in the midst of a price/supply/demand whipsaw that will leave us poorly prepared for a resurgence in energy demand that is sure to come.

Gas Reserves Hit New High, Forcing Prices Downhill

Natural gas producers are running out of storage space, pushing the cost of their product lower than it has been since 2002.

The latest price drop comes as the government reported that salt caverns, aquifers and other underground areas where natural gas is stored are filling up.

Jeff Hume, chief operating officer of Continental Resources Inc. in Enid, said the news is good for consumers — who will pay less for their utilities — but that producers are suffering.

He said producers have done a good job of working gas resource plays, but that success has put pressure on the natural gas market. Producers must keep drilling for gas or risk losing leases in those lucrative areas.

“I think we’re our own worst enemy right now,” Hume said.

Analyst Tony Say said several weather-related circumstances have contributed to the crunch felt by producers. Mild temperatures have kept demand level, while production has remained strong without any hurricane- related interruptions in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Chris, at the turn of the century you would spend $1.00 to get $100.00 of oil out of the ground. Today that cost is $1.00...
Anonymous Author by former_user
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